• 2.0AP1D
  • 2.0AP1D

Mobile Disc Jockeys employ this Audio Point beneath their larger loudspeaker systems attaining amazing results and control of the room. The speakers systems climb in db output with an effortless sonic – highly recommended by many professionals.

Listener's Comments

Update. Tonight I brought your Points to Beau L'Amour's studio. You said I would like these.

Yeah you were right.

Ken Goerres
Recording Studio Design & Engineering


Price: $ 68.99

Thread Size: None
Body Height: 2"
Flange Diameter: 1.25"
Recommended Chassis Weight 181+ kg - 01 to 400+ lbs.


Designed to support the largest electronic components, loudspeaker systems, equipment racks, concert reinforcement and DJ speakers, recording studio equipment, power supplies and distribution networks - this Audio Point™ will easily handle the mass and rapid transfer of resonance energy. Not recommended for lightweight equipment.

The bass response from the speaker system instantaneously tightens, as the musical notes in the lower registers become more distinct with the accent on deeper richer bass. You will notice a newfound gain (volume) stage that responds with greater accuracy establishing a stronger marriage to the amplifiers.

Use optional APCD2 Coupling Discs to Insure Surface Protection & Enhanced Performance.

Please note: For proper function and performance value the tip of the Audio Point tip must always face earth. Inverting it will reverse the Audio Point geometry. Sistrum Platforms employs a completely different geometry and is the only exception to this recommendation.

Additional Benefits:

Guitarists and bass players fall in love with their ‘new sound’ by placing three beneath their stage amplification on the road and during recording or practice sessions. Musicians are discovering new levels of sound quality, decay, sustain and volume output from their existing amplifiers. Audio Points have multiple applications in pro sound so feel free to telephone us and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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