2.0AP-1INT-View Details for Model Numbers   

  • 2.0AP-1INT-View Details for Model Numbers
Listener's Comments

Timbre somehow became more truthful, which is never an easy trick to accomplish. Pounding pianos, blatting trumpets, resounding drums, plucked and bowed strings all had a new "rightness" about them.  

Greg Weaver

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2.0AP-1INT-View Details for Model Numbers

Price: $ 68.99

Model # Thread
@ Handling
2.0AP-1AINT 1/4" - 20 .50" 2.0" 1.25" 250 pounds
2.0AP-1BINT 5/16" - 18 .50" 2.0" 1.25" 250 pounds
2.0AP-1CINT 3/8" - 16 .50" 2.0" 1.25" 250 pounds
2.0AP-1KINT 3/4" - 10 .625" 2.0" 1.25" 250 pounds


The majority of applications for this group of internal threaded Audio Points relate more to the Do-It-Yourself designer. They establish a greater level of functionality when applied to the DIY Racks employing steel or brass All-threaded rod designs. The most popular sizing threaded rod for equipment racking is measured at 3/4 “-10 threading. We will assist enthusiasts who wish to venture with their own designs providing our years of knowledge and materials experience related to audio reproduction free of charge – just call us and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Additional Benefits:

The model number 2.0AP-1BINT was the first internal threaded model ever manufactured. The principle application was used on SOTA™ Turntables providing additional outstanding sonic results. SOTA™ Turntable is owned and a legal trademark for the SOTA Corporation.

Since 1989, Audio Points have been adapted to fit many turntables both in the consumer audio and Professional Mobile Disc Jockey industries.

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