• 1.5AP1D

Mobile Disc Jockeys employ this Audio Point beneath their mixers and source components lifting their sound quality well above the competition.


Listener's Comments

“Coned to the hilt, we auditioned the system and noted a number of improvements over an almost identical system auditioned in-house a few months earlier. The sound stage clearly heightened by a couple of feet, thereby presenting a more realistic portrayal of a live performance.
Ernie Fisher - Editor THE INNER EAR REPORT™


Price: $ 64.99

Thread Size: None
Body Height: 1.5 "
Flange Diameter: 1.25"
Recommended Chassis Weight 79 kg - 01 to 175 lbs.


First manufactured in 1988, this Audio Point was the first model number to receive global recognition. In the year 2012 sales surpassed 185,000 units and is the most popular Audio Point for Universal Applications.

Recommended For: Amplifiers, Turntables, DAC, Pre-Amp, Power Distribution products, Phono-Amps, Loudspeakers or enhances visual content (and audio performance of course) on any TV, Satellite or Cable converters and ALL Gaming Systems.

Use optional APCD2 or APCD4-Invert Coupling Discs to Insure Surface Protection & Enhanced Performance.

Please note: For proper function and performance value the tip of the Audio Point tip must always face earth. Inverting it will reverse the Audio Point geometry. Sistrum Platforms employs a completely different geometry and is the only exception to this recommendation.


Additional Benefits:

Try a simple experiment prior to electronics placement: Place a set of 3 beneath any sub-woofer system and enjoy the additional sense of seamless transition between the primary speaker system. Lower the crossover point and increase the volume as the floor noise is lowered and the bass becomes more transparent throughout the environment.

Detail, warmth, extended cymbal decays and more information is immediately realized adding to the increase in musical performance.

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