• 1.0AP1D
  • 1.0AP1D
Listener's Comments

"So I think I've discovered why Audio Points have been around for such a long time: they really work. They keep their promises.

As someone who has tried and been disappointed by many tweaks and accessories that claim to cloak, reduce, or eliminate the "smear" of resonance, I was somewhat taken aback to hear such an immediate and dramatic difference. That difference was there from the first, and it only deepened and intensified as I added more Audio Points into the mix. Which is to say, the more I listened, the closer my dropped jaw got to the floor."

Value For The Money = ♪♪♪♪♪ -

Max Westler,

Enjoy the Music.com®


Price: $ 48.99

Thread Size: None
Body Height: 1.0"
Flange Diameter: 1.0"
Recommended Chassis Weight 30 kg - 01 to 65 lbs.


CD and all DVD transports, A/V receivers, smaller power amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, digital processors and turntables.

Commonly referred to as the Industry Reference Standard, the combination of weight factoring along with its one-inch height covers a multitude of electronic components and existing equipment rack shelf height demands.

This Audio Point is the first that spawned the audiophile term 'Affordable Equipment Upgrade' opening a newfound technology for cones and footers in early 1989.

Expect to hear so much more in musical performance from your existing equipment from a very reasonable investment. The 1.0AP1D has earned its reputation from years of listener acceptance and popularity.

Use optional APCD2 Coupling Discs to Insure Surface Protection & Enhanced Performance.

Please note: For proper function and performance value the tip of the Audio Point tip must always face earth. Inverting it will reverse the Audio Point geometry. Sistrum Platforms employs a completely different geometry and is the only exception to this recommendation.

Additional Benefits:

One of the most popular uses involves DVD and Blue-ray® players. Once installed you hear the audible improvements provided by all Audio Points...

PLUS see the picture, color and contrast improvements now appearing on your video monitor. Overall picture quality improvements are substantial.

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