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  • 1.0AP- View Details for Model Numbers
Listener's Comments

No mystery at all regarding the improvements these
little guys brought to my audio rig back in the spring of '95 or thereabout.
A set of three under my Theta transport sank the noise floor, increased
dynamics noticeably and tightened up the bass. Portable, simple, a snap to
install, affordable, and most of all, the madness behind their method
worked! Clement Perry – Editor The StereoTimes™

1.0AP- View Details for Model Numbers

Price: $ 39.99

Model # Thread
1.0AP-A 1/4" - 20 .375" 1.0" .625"
1.0AP-F 10 - 32 .375" 1.0" .625"
1.0AP-G 6 - 32 .375" 1.0" .625"
1.0AP-H 8 - 32 .375" 1.0" .625"
1.0AP-1A.5 1/4" - 20 .50" 1.0" 1.0"


The most popular uses include replacement of existing original factory feet on most electronic components, particularly with turntables. Original footer systems are generally the weakness in most electronic components. They are simplistic designs made from rubber, cork and a wide range of plastics. In the opinion of Star Sound Technologies, LLC these materials are not particularly favorable in sound reproduction. Replace the factory feet with Audio Points and discover just how good the equipment you already own can sound.

Additional Benefits:

We supply replacement Audio Point footer systems for most major name brands. If you own any Cary Audio™ amplifier we would recommend the model number 1.0AP-G, a Mark Levinson™ product the 1.0AP-F or a Synergistic Research™ power supply product the 1.0AP-H would fit. Give us a call anytime and we will be happy to answer all of your questions and discuss how to get the most out of your audio system.

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