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If it vibrates – let it!

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Understanding Vibration Management:

1. In audio, we do not want to stop vibration from taking place. If we were successful in doing so what kind of sound would we be listening too?

Our lifetime experiences hailing from the Music and Musical Instrument Industries taught us early on that all music is an assembly of vibrations; vibrations contain all the dynamics and harmonic structures we music lovers desire in quenching our never ending thirst for entertainment and listening satisfaction.

All products driven by an electronic and/or mechanical means have characteristics known as vibrations forming resonant energy, which greatly inhibits the overall performance of all electronic components and loudspeaker systems.


Live-Vibe Technology™ is based on the science of resonance energy transfer via a high-speed calculated conductive pathway to earth's ground maintaining vibrations a state of constant motion and creating a more efficient result.

2. The technical term applied to the study of vibration in High End Audio is "Isolation" which is one of many methods of treating the ill effects of signal degradation caused from vibration.The category topic of Isolation fails to differentiate there are other or more favorable applications and terminologies dealing in vibration management.

Isolate - To prevent a circuit or device from interacting with another or with an outside stimulus.

If we isolate vibration in any instrument we restrict operational efficiency and functionality in performance.

Why invest in a costly component or loudspeaker if the intention is to smother its sonic capability?

It is our opinion that the Audio Community should change this miss represented category title and begin calling it Vibration Management. One can never totally isolate or control vibration but there are sciences that can 'Manage' it.

The information and white papers provided here is the backbone of our technology and success and yes we have confidence in a completely opposite approach to the long time beliefs, understandings and technical methodologies applied to vibration management in audio.

It's new...It's live...and yes it vibrates too. We would not have it any other way hence the name Live-Vibe Technology dictates our passion. Let Sound Sing!

Live Vibe Technology™

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