Live Vibe Technology™

"Let it Vibrate"

Vibration Management and a New Understanding for the Audiophile, Musician, Sound Engineer and Music Lover

There is a popular belief in audio reproduction that vibration limits sound and musical quality in equipment.

Kill vibration, absorb all vibration, the room environment and equipment rack should sound dead!

These are old school convictions brought on by fifty years of guesswork, anti-vibration brain programming and/or relating sound to other sciences that have no bearing on audible sonic results. These beliefs yielded a multitude of various subjective anti-vibration concepts and theorems over time all of which affect equipment performance and sound reproduction.

When listeners are asked "what do you want most from your sound system?" The answer is "we want the sound and feel of live music" however if you kill anything or remove energy from a source; all life and vitality are gone forever and will never return.

Music reproduction is energy. Musical instruments, microphones and vocals vibrate. The diaphragm in our own ears vibrates in order to function so why would anyone involved in music want to eliminate, halt or kill vibration?

What would music sound like without vibration?

What would a concert feel like without vibration?

We the Innovators:

Our lifetime experiences hailing from the Concert Reinforcement, Recording Sciences and Musical Instrument Industries taught us early on that all music is an assembly of vibrations; vibrations contain all the dynamics and harmonic structures we seek as music lovers, therefore we chose the opposite path away from historical content and anti-vibration processes where "Let it Vibrate" became our focus on which a newfound technology and science are being developed.

Star Sound engineers discovered how to use vibration as a tool that greatly enhances the musical listening experience in comparison to destroying or deadening it.


All products driven by an electronic and/or mechanical means have characteristics known as vibrations that build and form amplitudes of resonant energy. This energy seeks, clings to, builds and propagates on all surfaces in search of earth's ground per Coulomb's law. If not evacuated from the equipment, resonance will clog all electrical, electromechanical and acoustic signal pathways which greatly inhibit the overall performance of all electronic components and loudspeaker systems.

You cannot escape vibration. Plugging in and turning on any electronic component allows for alternating or direct current to activate the device where the flow of current vibrates all parts from the smallest transistor up to the largest transformers forming resonance.

Resonance formed from vibration is the disruptive element however that initial vibration is the lifeblood of everything musical.

How does one capture that instantaneous vibe and avoid resonance build up?


Live-Vibe Technology™ (Live-Vibe) is based on the mechanical grounding and transferring of resonant energy via high-speed calculated conductive pathways to earth's ground maintaining vibrations a state of constant motion and in real time establishing a more efficient result by allowing a device to vibrate in a vibrating environment.

Establish a higher level of component operational efficiency through effectively managing resonance is the key to increasing product performance.

Live-Vibe is used on and inside loudspeakers, amplifiers and electronics, equipment racking and speaker platforms, structural buildings, rehearsal halls and recording studios and musical instruments. It is adaptable, scalable and delivers the live leading edge dynamic in sound reproduction. For the more scientific driven community, Live-Vibe reduces operational temperature in amplifiers, fan motors and transformers delivering a more efficient result commonly referred to as energy conservation.

It's new...It's live...and yes it vibrates too and has taken charge of driving our innovative passions.

Listen to Live!

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