Our Guarantee

A 100% Total and Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

Here at Star Sound, we remain extremely confident that you will achieve your goals through listening from each and every product we manufacture.

As the manufacturers of these fine products we provide a financial return guarantee should you not reach a level of 100% Total and Complete Satisfaction from your listening experiences. There is a limited trial time of thirty (30) days initiated from the original purchase date as shown on your invoice. This policy applies to every product manufactured by Star Sound Technologies, LLC.

All returns require a Return Authorization Number issued by our sales department. Product must be returned in the original factory packaging and Insured by the sender with exception to Sistrum Platforms and Harmonic Precision products (return details listed below). We will accept Audio Points®, Coupling Discs and Sonoran Wire Designs without original packaging. We require that products being returned without factory packaging must be individually wrapped in a soft material or bubble wrap if original packaging is no longer available in order to avoid unnecessary nicks and scratches to their finishes. Star Sound Technologies, LLC will issue a credit for any returns, less outgoing freight charges via the same method as payment *** (in full) was received. Returns under $500 will be credited within seven days from receiving the product.

Fifty percent (50%) of Sistrum Platforms and Harmonic Precision Electronics or Loudspeakers return freight charges will also be reimbursed per our 100% Total and Complete Satisfaction Guarantee. A Call Tag Pick-Up Service issued by Star Sound Technologies, LLC is required for all Sistrum and Harmonic Precision product returns. This insures the sender that the product is insured properly as well as returned to the correct facility establishing an efficient timeline for financial reimbursement.

*** If the financial value of the products being returned is greater than $500.00 we will issue a Company Check sent via the US Postal Service with appropriate tracking numbers to ensure delivery and acceptance by the original purchaser. Please allow two to three weeks for the processing of refunds exceeding $500.00.

Any Exported Product Return beyond US shores and all other returned items under $500 will be credited to issuing credit card.

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