APCD2 Coupling Disc Surface Protection – Sistrum Applications:

The geometrical design of the APCD2 Coupling Disc draws energy away from the tip of the Audio Point™ and transfers it to the surface upon which the disc resides. Likewise the geometry when reversed or turned upside down will draw the Coulomb Friction to the inverted Audio Point atop the Sistrum Platform™. The APCD2 functions in either application as the resonant energy is always being directed towards earth's ground.

The APCD2 is for surface protection and designed to remain neutral with regard to sound quality. However it is well noted that the addition of the APCD2 has also produced greater results from listening tests amongst many listeners. We will state that we have never had the quality of performance deteriorate from employing the APCD2 therefore we will graciously refund any purchasing monies plus return freight fees to any Sistrum owner who determines otherwise.

The inverted direct coupled Audio Point tip (facing skyward), located on all Sistrum Platforms, may leave a minor indentation or dimple on the bottom of a loudspeaker or a thin walled component chassis. If a small indentation is not acceptable then only the APCD2 Coupling Disc must be used to properly insure a 100% performance from the Sistrum Platform.

We also recommend this product for listeners who change cabling often as the forced pressure of consistently twisting and pulling cable connectors may influence movement of the components causing scratching of the bottom of speaker or component chassis.

Please note: Should you invert a standard Audio Point on any existing rack, shelf, or surface other than a Sistrum Platform, you will feel inclined to immediately phone us demanding a refund as you have just reversed the geometry, thus completely altering the Audio Points primary function. Except for the use involving Sistrum Platforms, the tip of the Audio Point must always point to earth.

APCD2 Coupling Disc Sistrum Platforms

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