APCD2 Coupling Disc Surface Protection – Universal Applications

Beginning in 1989 through 1991 small surface protective discs were provided free of charge when purchasing any Audio Point™ package. We always had to state, for the record, that the discs would have a slight but negative effect on the audible sound quality produced by the Audio Point. Engineering took two years to match the speed and decay time in completing the design of the original disc's replacement - the new APCD2.

The APCD2 geometrical design draws energy away from the tip of the Audio Point and transfers it to the surface the disc resides on. In most cases the APCD2 in combination with the Audio Point combination will provide more sound quality when used in unison.

Considering the weight of brass and machining time used in manufacturing the APCD2, we no longer provide them for free but be assured that for the lower price we now charge, the value and integrity of the result far outweigh the financial outlay.

For Sistrum Platforms - See Coupling Disc Installation Instructions >> 

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