Meet Star Sound Technologies, LLC

Vibration Management for Superior Sound



Mission and Vision:

To create and establish a newfound science from understanding the detrimental effects caused by vibration ultimately affecting the operational performance of any equipment utilizing or manipulating power through its operation. Establishing a higher level of product operational efficiency while reducing power consumption.



Mission Statement:

The mission of Star Sound Technologies, LLC is to promote and advance fact-based research and consumer education surrounding vibration in musical reproduction through the promotion of Live-Vibe Technology™. Adapting this technology to improve the sound from audio and video related products, listening and recording structural environments as well as musical instruments. Enriching the world with higher levels of musical dynamics and harmonic structure maximizing the human emotional and physical experience through listening.



Meet our Personell:



Mr. Robert Maicks


Mr. Robert Maicks has over forty years experience including the areas of the recording sciences, sound reinforcement engineering, stage development and concert production. Throughout his career he has attained additional experience in product development, manufacturing and many additional facets of business such as marketing, retail operations and professional sales training.

In the audio/video and music related fields, Mr. Maicks has developed an honest reputation as an open minded, well informed industry reference for both consumers and manufacturers alike. His ability to merge public demand with industry-first concepts and products has provided a solid yet extremely versatile foundation for the success of Star Sound Technologies, LLC.

Mr. Locke Tiffin Highleyman

Executive Vice President

A Lehigh University graduate, Mr. Locke Highleyman has accrued extensive experience with the mechanical and electrical engineering arenas. A founding father of Star Sound Technologies, LLC, he not only participates in multiple research and development capacities but is also heavily involved with hands on prototyping new designs.

He continues to expand our product suite and is heavily involved in developing test plans for third party product research and performance validation.

Attorney David E. Roberts

Material Science Engineering & Development
Star Sound Technologies Research & Development Board

Graduate of Indiana University Robert McKinney School of Law

Graduate of Lehigh University - Materials Science & Engineering

Mr. David Roberts has held diverse roles including serving as CEO for EnerDel, a Board member of a Chinese joint venture with Wanxiang, IP counsel for Caterpillar, an engineer with Lockheed Martin and is a patent & business attorney in private practice with Gutwein Law.

Mr. Roberts now serves as President of BIC - Battery Innovation Center, a public-private partnership catalyzing next generation energy storage solutions by incorporating leadership from academia, industry, and government to quickly build, develop, and test safe, reliable, low-cost, and lightweight energy storage systems.

Mr. Todd C. Zimmer

Mechanical Engineering & Development
Star Sound Technologies Research & Development Board

Graduate of Lehigh University - Mechanical Engineering & Computer Sciences

Mr. Todd Zimmer specializes in static and dynamic mechanical systems analysis, and is actively involved in overseeing all in-house engineering projects, including CAD design and CNC development.

Mr. Zimmer holds the position of senior managing engineer at Sargent Manufacturing Company | ASSA ABLOY 

Mr. Peter Israelson

Electrical Engineering & Development
Star Sound Technologies Research & Development Board

Graduate of AMU Technical University Hedemora , Sweden - Electrical Engineering

While in Sweden, Mr. Peter Israelson worked for over a quarter century years designing and engineering state-of-the-art amplification. Along with his formal education, Mr. Israelson has an innate ability for merging the concepts of electrical design theory with the stimulating emotion of auditory perception. He is well known for his ability to carefully match components to maximize musical sound quality in any design.

Mr. Israelson is currently building State-Of-The-Art amplifiers using Magnetic Conduction Technology developed and patented by Magnetic Innovations LLC working with our dear friend and innovator, Rick Schultz of High Fidelity Cables. Magnets are used to conduct signal compared to copper wire and the results deserve an audition - amazing is an understatement.

Mr. Thomas DeVuono

Product Development Specialist
Star Sound Technologies Research & Development Board

Mr. Thomas DeVuono worked in the music and audio fields since 1972. Moving forward as a sales and technical trainer for Ovation Audio where he met and trained with industry personalities as Nelson Pass, John Dunlavy and Tomlinson Holman, Mr. DeVuono joined the team at Star Sound Technologies, LLC in 2000 and participated in the development of Sistrum Platforms, the Caravelle Loudspeaker System and the STAGE Platforms Project.

In 2000 Mr. DeVuono began the research and development of a brass endpin designed to enhance the sound of a cello. We initiated production seventeen years later. The Tone Acoustics Enpin replacements are recognized as one of the finest upgrades for cello and upright bass ever manufactured and are being sold on a global basis. Currently Mr. DeVuono and Star Sound Engineers are applying Live-Vibe Technology to tympany, vibes, marimba and drum kits with the goal of developing a standard system for the concert grand piano.

Mr. Dale Humphrey

Corporate Development Officer
Star Sound Technologies Research & Development Board

Graduate of The University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Holds undergraduate degrees in business administration & economics and an MBA degree in marketing.

Mr. Dale Humphrey has been involved with many aspects of the audio business for over thirty years spanning retail sales experience, distribution and business strategy.

His primary vocation is in financial services and he has leveraged this background to advice a number of audio-focused organizations to refine their competitive positioning, set product development and manage sales channels.

Mr. Humphrey began working with Star Sound Technologies in 2012 and assists in a number of projects including financial management, factoring product development and sales strategy.

Mr. Jeff Whetstone

Electrical Engineering & Program Specialist
Star Sound Technologies Research & Development Board

Graduate of Lehigh University - Electrical Engineering

Mr. Jeff Whetstone, as an Electrical Engineer for AMETEK Aerospace and Defense, currently designs instrumentation including active capacitance-based fluid level sensors and fuel gauging systems.

As a talented musician, Mr. Whetstone's passion for electronically reproducing the "live performance" fuels his involvement in the refinement of our product circuitry build and function.

Dr. Wilbur Highleyman

Engineering & Technical Advisor

Graduate of Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute (D.E.E.)
Graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (S.M.E.E.)
Graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (B.E.E.)

Dr. Wilbur Highleyman holds fourteen U.S. patents and has been published extensively. He has been responsible for implementing dozens of real-time mission-critical systems for companies such as Amtrak, Dow Jones, Time, McGraw Hill, Tandem, Federal Express, Chemical Bank, SIAC, Smith Kline, G. E. Credit, Southeast Bank, Harris Satellite, A. C. Nielson, and Harris Satellite.

He has published extensively on availability, performance, testing, middleware, and other technical topics. He is the author of Performance Analysis of Transaction Processing Systems, published by Prentice-Hall, and is co-author of the three-volume series, Breaking the Availability Barrier. These books are available at and Barnes and Noble.

Dr. Highleyman is co-inventor of "Method of increasing system availability by splitting a system," U. S. Patent No. 7,113,938; "Asynchronous coordinated commit replication and dual write with replication transmission and locking of target database on updates only," U. S. Patent No. 7,177,866; and "Split processing system for providing increased system availability," U. S. Patent No. 7,194,488. He is also co-inventor on several other patents and patent applications in the fields of continuous- and high-availability technologies.

He is past chairman of ITUG, the HP NonStop Users' Group, and is active in presenting availability seminars and providing availability consulting. Dr. Highleyman is also a sought-after technical writer and researcher on a wide variety of technical subjects.

Dr. Highleyman focuses on development of test plans for third party product research and performance validation.