Cable Products

Music Note Cable™ & Sonoran Wire Designs™

by Star Sound Technologies, LLC

Wire is an active and passive combination of materials infused in a geometry that links components and loudspeakers together. Each component and loudspeaker creates internal and external vibrations producing multiple audible and inaudible frequencies that are transmitted via the conductors, cable skins and shielding of any wire. Furthermore, these materials are susceptible to airborne energy and its interference.

Star Sound continues to research and develop Live-Vibe Technology™ thus establishing greater levels of product performance by means of rapid dissipation of resonance caused from vibration infiltration. This process permits the products to open an unimpeded signal path from point to point while the cable conduit is free to vibrate in its natural environment. The build strategies are focused on the reduction and management of the mechanical and electromechanical resonant energies that are formed within all cabling. The multiple layers of shielding and the order of termination play an ultimate role within our process of invention.

The twenty eight year old name brand Sonoran Wire Designs™ along with our premium build Music Note Cables™ are designed by Star Sound engineer Peter Israelson. These products create a "neutral" sonic causeway while unleashing an extremely musical performance.

Each cable product is hand-crafted and individually serial numbered employing the highest grade materials, all made in the USA. Built into every cable is a methodology focusing on a strategic cable strain relief that insures many years of uinterrupted musical value. The connectors are chosen from the highest quality component parts available in the audio industry. By matching design specifications to the capability of each connector, we achieve maximum efficiency through performance.

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