Stage Platforms™

Made of Solid Brass

STAGE Platforms™ by Star Sound Technologies, LLC

State-of-the-Art Engineering Masterpiece

Born from the ever evolving advancements of Live-Vibe Technology™, the design and engineering team at Star Sound Technologies, LLC is proud to present a most highly functional component and/or loudspeaker platform.

STAGE Platforms™ unveils newfound dimensions in dynamics and layers of harmonic structures generated within the art of sound reproduction. Listeners can now truly experience an extraordinary level of musical presentation from the equipment they already own.

The purpose and goal for the eight year investment in the STAGE project was to advance knowledge and understanding of vibration management and how properties born from vibration limits the performance of audio and video recording and reproduction equipment.

Materials Science Engineer Dave Roberts pressed for higher grades of materials that eventually led to an all brass prototype platform. Mechanical Engineer Todd Zimmer was asked to provide the geometries needed to 'open the gates' of performance and attempt to devaluate the twelve year old Sistrum Platform's level of performance. Unfortunately for the MSE and ME it took an Electrical Engineer named Peter Israelson to adapt the finishing touch that catapulted the result to a level in accomplishment that left all at Star Sound surprisingly stunned with anticipation.

Everyone soon realized that this raw equipment racking prototype made from100% brass offered something very special indeed, increasing the efficiency and musical qualities of all types of recording and musical reproduction equipment .

Technical Merits:

1. STAGE establishes more effective and congruent pathways for resonance to flow by optimizing the Energy Transfer model and, as a result, migrate resonance to earths' ground (or the greater sink – that being the flooring structure) at a much higher rate of speed than could be achieved with past designs. In other words, dramatically increase the response time and increased bandwidth of the platform and its ability to instantaneously return to its neural acoustic state.

2. The massive single solid piece footer and rod support system guarantees that resonance flows with a more focused directionality vastly reducing the effects from Coulomb friction which affects the operational efficiencies of the equipment residing atop the shelf. 

3. STAGE provides a more effective shelving area whereas you can support your equipment on a standard Sistrum type three point bearing system. You can now place equipment on a reversed three point, four point and even a five or six point "totally adjustable" bearing system. The artistic shelf design will support and stabilize all the various electronic components and acoustic floor-standing loudspeaker systems available in the audio market place. 4. Similar to the Sistrum Platform the STAGE Platform vibrates when music and vibration are present in the environment. The Platform remains in constant motion transferring resonance permitting your component or speaker to also vibrate, as they all do, harmonizing with their own individual musical signature.  This optimizes the operating efficiency of said component or speaker insuring the audible effects of acoustic transparency are heightened. It does not matter where the vibration and energy comes from – the floor, the air, mechanical or electromechanical means – the fact is that the platform is in a state of continuous motion and always reducing the effects caused by Coulomb friction. 5. STAGE completely devaluates the Sistrum Platforms in performance and sonic measure. You may never want to listen to a Sistrum again!

Newfound Problems and Solutions:

During the initial audition, the 3/8 inch thick brass shelf mechanically coupled to the 2.5 inch diameter brass rod support assemblies provided an unexpected launch in performance. However, there were a few negatives that came along with the listening session. A bit of darkness coupled with what appeared to be sluggishness was also present. Clearly something in the mechanical structure and/or geometry was a miss. The engineers decided that to achieve a more accurate result the age old Audio Points® as the cause required a change.

Many years were spent on testing methodologies, prototyping and listening tests in developing the replacement parts now named Music Tips™.  Audio Points continue to be sold and inventoried and remain recognized for twenty two years of listener satisfaction.

The secondary goal in the STAGE design was to eliminate all end user objections brought forth over the many years by the loyal band of Sistrum Platform owners. Their suggestions for improvement are now part of the STAGE project.

Accompanying the latest version of the Music Tips geometrical design is a new ingenuous version of a Coupling Disc not only serving as surface protection but will increase the overall effectiveness in performance when paired in tandem. The Coupling Disc is sold as an optional accessory for use and not a requirement for general function.

These two products are critical to the overall function and sonorous quality of the STAGE Platforms family of products.

Adjustable Harmonic Control™ (AHC) Features for the Advanced Audiophile

AHC is an 'optional use' feature.

The listener can alter or 'fine tune' the sonic signature of any component simply by adding or reducing the number of Music Tips contacting the equipment chassis. By changing the quantity and/or location of the shelf born Music Tips you will alter the speeds and directionality of energy flows of movement thus altering the voicing of the component.

In addition by slightly tightening or loosening the Turning Bolts that the Music Tips to the shelf will also affect the speed of resonance transfer altering the amount of bass response and/or speed of the presentation depending on what component you are adjusting.

These are finite changes in the sound so for the critical listener who desires a higher measure of sound quality through the devotion to experimentation, Adjustable Harmonic Control provides the keen ability to soften or firm up sound qualities, advance the pace of the music into the environment and provide a variable adjustment of the harmonic voice from each individual piece of equipment.

BENEFITS of STAGE Platforms and Expansion of Live-Vibe Technology:

The STAGE Platforms project also led to adapting Live-Vibe Technology to musical instruments. Company Member Thomas DeVuono spending the past six years developing a resonance management device used in concert with the Cello was recently awarded a US Patent. The products known as The Tone Acoustics' Endpin are now being used by several musicians associated with well known symphony orchestras and should be auditioned by all inspiring cellists and string enthusiasts.

Innovative and upcoming designs include upright bass, tympani, drum kits and piano.

Once your hi-fi system is on STAGE, you will experience a much greater sense of the vibrant yet fragile live dynamic structures and harmonic layering embedded within the recordings and music – much more than you ever could have imagined.

The sound will bring you closer to the sensation we all discover from a live performance; Vocals will place you in a heightened state of exhilaration in hearing a human breath before the actual voice. Did you ever hear triplets on a snare drum?

All the people at Star Sound remain extremely confident that STAGE Platforms™ will increase your love of music and the enjoyment from listening.   Star Sound Technologies 100% Total and Complete Guarantee™ supports this products value, functionality and fully expected long time history of listener appreciation or Your Money Back.

But with all this technical achievement in enhancing recorded music playback the one significant miracle that we owe our livelihoods to and no matter what brand of equipment you own - "It's really all about the music!"

As Always – Good Listening...

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