Pro-STAGE Platforms™


New for the Musical Instrument and Professional Sound Industry

Vibration Management for Amplifier, Speaker and Keyboard Support Assemblies

PRO-STAGE Platforms™ by Star Sound Technologies, LLC

New for the Musical Instrument and Pro-Sound Industry; this cutting edge and proven technology yields a significant audible increase in the dynamic experience, vastness and bodily feel of sound produced from instrument amplifiers, all loudspeaker enclosures, recording and concert electronics, radio broadcast and disc jockey equipment.

Introducing PRO-STAGE Platforms™ – the design and engineering team at Star Sound Technologies, LLC, through the advancement of Live-Vibe Technology™ are proud to introduce this multiyear investment in research and product development.

Remember practicing our guitars inside a garage; the yearning desire to turn the amplifier up to eleven when the dials only went to ten and the vision of playing on the big stage behind stacks of multi-tiered amplifiers? It was always believed that more power plus more speaker systems were needed to attain that huge clean quality of sound, loaded with lengthy decay, powerful sustain – feeling every note in the music... sound familiar?

Remember what it was like when you played your first real stage especially when you suddenly realized that hearing each other became a trial in itself? How you could see the fingers on the neck of the bass player but had trouble hearing the individual notes and how the drums seemed to merge all the sound together into one noise?

With Pro-Stage Platforms you now 'feel the power' behind extended decays, realize a greater authority commanding lengthier and heavier sustain, listening to an expanded frequency range and add to that a resounding detailed sound dispersion reaching across the stage. Imagine being able to hear more of what you are playing getting so much more presence and feel from the equipment you already own?

"It is with great pleasure that we present these technical achievements bringing new inventions to the fingertips and ears of all guitarists, keyboardists and soundmen alike. Once you are up on STAGE Platforms you will experience a greater sense of confidence in your own performance – of this we are certain." Robert Maicks – President Star Sound Technologies, LLC


A Technical Understanding - Improving Efficiency and Quality of Sonic Output in Amplifiers:

The Problem

'Coulomb friction' is caused by electro-mechanical vibration. This phenomenon affects the flow and dissipation of energy, slowing down mechanical, electro-mechanical and acoustic signal paths, affecting the overall performance of every component from the smallest transistors on up to the eighteen inch loudspeakers. This build up of unwanted energy caused by friction severely limits the response and dynamic frequency range produced by the amplifier, loudspeaker, etc.

A basic approach to this understanding is that the amplifiers and speakers literately vibrate themselves into a state of inefficiency, becoming less able to accurately process information (the individual notes) with the desired state of sound.

The Solution

Live-Vibe Technology™ permits a pre-determined pattern of energy, caused by Coulomb friction to freely develop and dissipate via a high-speed calculated conductive pathway to an earth ground (or greater mass, that being the flooring of the venue).

By speeding up the transfer of unwanted energy away from the electronic components and speakers allows the amps and speakers to vibrate more with greater efficiency attaining a higher level of sound quality.

The Result

Acoustical, mechanical and electromechanical resonant energy moves along high-speed pathways to ground and no longer has a detrimental effect on holding back the performance level and quality of your equipment. Bigger, cleaner more musical sound quality increasing [WU1] sustain, decay and percussion actually feeling and hearing the dynamics of each note becomes reality – and all from the equipment you already own!

The same is said for sound engineer and disc jockey equipment. You will hear remarkable enhancements in musical detail, added depth, height and more importantly width in soundstage. Plus, experience a greater awareness of musicality from mixers, processers and loudspeakers.


PRO- STAGE Platforms™ consist of four series with graduated levels in sonic performance to meet the demands from hobbyists through professional concert touring or studio musicians and all soundmen alike.

Every PRO-STAGE Platform can also be employed providing benefits for concert reinforcement, multiple Disc Jockey applications and all types of recording studio equipment.

STAGE - SOUND CHECK is the starting point and was developed for affordability providing the musician a noteworthy experience of attaining better sound.

STAGE - PASS features a more elaborate design providing a greater resolution in sound quality and is geared towards the working musician or aspiring sound engineer.

STAGE - TOURING is designed for the professional working musician. It features Music Tips™ as the initial contact point, purer materials; higher levels of geometries that provide defined sonic improvement across the stage.

STAGE - CUSTOM is an all brass design featuring the latest technology and materials applications. STAGE-Custom also features amplifier design and performance advancements in three more categories such as mechanical and electronic circuit and chassis modifications, power and signal cable upgrades employing Music Note Cable™ and custom installation for all the above.

Technical Merits:

PRO-STAGE Platforms functional footprint establishes more effective and congruent pathways for resonance to migrate to ground or the greater sink at a much higher rate of speed than standard methods of coupling with rubber or plastic footers. In other words, dramatically increase the response time and increased bandwidth of the platform assembly and its ability to precisely return to its neural acoustic state.

The solid brass footer support systems guarantees that resonance flows at a higher rate of speed with a more focused directionality vastly reducing the effects from Coulomb friction.

PRO-STAGE Platforms vibrate when music and vibration are present in the environment. They remain in constant motion transferring resonance thus permitting your component or speaker to also vibrate, as they all do, harmonizing with their own individual levels of chassis construction - thus optimizing the operating efficiency of said component or speaker hence insuring the audible effects of acoustic transparency are heightened. It does not matter where the vibration and energy originates from – the floor, the air, mechanical or electromechanical means – the fact is that the platform is in a state of continuous motion and always reducing the effects caused from Coulomb friction.


Guitarists will experience a newfound sense of touch with the instrument and an exhilarated feel of emotion from the loudspeaker performance. You will hear every note through a smoother and cleaner transition gaining a greater sense of bonding between the instrument and you.

The bass response from amplifiers played by keyboardists cuts through the air with much the same velocities as the higher frequencies. There are also ways to adapt Audio Points® or Stage Platforms directly to the instrument or suspension stand thus providing a level of playback that is never achieved using the factory footer or most floor-borne hollow steel tube support systems.

Soundmen please just sit back and listen for the increases in sonic and write your own opinions and reviews.

Initial Feedback:

 The feedback from the initial prototype testing of the PRO-STAGE experience to our pre-selected group of beta players was inspirational in advancing the initial production run for public consumption.

Musicians stated that the Stage Platform presence helped them hone in on their individual uniqueness in sound.

Others stated and heartily recommend that every musician audition the product.

Our greatest accolade is when musicians state that the Pro-STAGE Platforms provided such an influence in making them better players. Now that's cool.

But with all this technical achievement in enhancing the live performance the one significant miracle that we owe our livelihoods to and that is no matter what equipment you own or play - It's really all about the music.


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