Coupling Disc Installation Instructions - Sistrum Platforms

APCD4-Invert and APCD2 Standard Discs


Simply place the Coupling Disc thread side skyward on the tip of the Audio Points. The Coupling Disc will self balance and level once equipment is placed onto it.

For APCD2 Standard Coupling Disc


Attach an eight inch section of Scotch® 'Magic Transparent Tape' or similar brand along the inward
curved portion (inverse radius edge) of the APCD2 Coupling Disc.

NO tape should be attached to or placed in between the flat surfaced portion of the Coupling Disc as the full surface of brass should come in contact with the equipment chassis for best results.


Place the inverted Coupling Disc aligning the tip of the Audio Point™ with the divot in the center of the APCD2 and lightly press and attach the length of tape to the side of the Audio Point following down onto and including the Sistrum Platform shelf.

This will leave the Coupling Disc suspended atop the tip of the Audio Point. The APCD2 need not be suspended in a perfect level position. It can just hang atop the Audio Point. The mass of the equipment will level the disc once placed on top.




Carefully place and position the equipment atop the Audio Points and attached Coupling Discs then gently pull and remove the strip of Scotch tape.







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