SW-ESSENTIAL-4  Sound Works Platforms™ - ESSENTIAL-4 Four Point Bearing Support System


Besides increasing audio quality and video imaging, this Essential Platform establishes portability and an ease of use in set up when placing heavier chassis into furniture rack coves or installing Audio Points under components with irregular shaped bottoms. When used on furniture in combination with the APCD2 Coupling Disc for added surface protection the Essential improves maneuverability without damaging shelf finishes hence minimizing all the problems associated with difficult installations.

SW-ESSENTIAL-4 Sound Works Platforms™ - ESSENTIAL-4 Four Point Bearing Support System

Price: $ 219.99

Total Height: 1.20"
Outside Width: 8"
Depth: 6.5"

Parts List

  • Essential-4 = (4) Audio Point™ 1.0AP-1AINT base points, (4) Audio Point CSAP-A.35 shelf points, (1) Sound Works Shelf
  • APCD2 Coupling Discs Sold Separately
Coupling Disc Installation Instructions >>


The ESSENTIAL-3 or 4 will support smaller product profiles such as Mini-Mac® music servers, compact loudspeakers used heavily in micro recording studios, headphone amplifiers, portable electronics, wireless speaker systems, video game consoles, televisions and video monitors, placed between audiophile speakers and stands, guitar and keyboard amps and heads, electronic keyboards, musical instrument speaker cabinets, floor born electronics and loudspeaker systems, single chassis turntables and the list goes on.

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