SP-SA-103-3   Sistrum Apprentice™

  • SP-SA-103-3
  • SP-SA-103-3
  • SP-SA-103-3
  • SP-SA-103-3

The Sistrum Apprentice model number SP-SA-103 deserves an audition today. This 'standalone' vibrating grounding plane fits most equipment chassis and speaker systems. It functions as a speaker, amplifier or component platform employing a three, four or five on up point bearing system the musical performance is second to none in its price class.

Previous Sistrum Platforms made from 2000 through 2012 selling in the hundreds of units established this sonic design and we happily state for the record Sistrum Platforms are now more affordable' then ever. Don't forget the sub-woofers!

This model is linked to our most popular selling Audio Point™.  Rhythm, natural time decays and pace of the music become one when the SP-SA-103 is placed in your system. Listen as everything from female vocals to triplets on the snare head become effortless across the musical spectrum. Impressive!

SP-SA-103-3 Sistrum Apprentice™

Price: $ 589.99

Total Height: 3.312"
Outside Width: 14 Front 10 Rear"
Depth: 14"
Shelf Height: .3125" (5/16")

Parts List

  • APCD4 Coupling Discs Sold Separately
  • SP-SA-103-3 Parts List: (3) Audio Point™ 1.5AP-1A.5 base points, (3) Audio Point 1.5AP-1AINT shelf points, (1) Sistrum Apprentice Shelf
  • Weight Capacity – 1500 Pounds+
Coupling Disc Installation Instructions >>


Amplifiers, Loudspeakers, Sub-Woofers, Components, Turntables, Electronic components resting atop any type of Racking or Wood Shelving, Standalone Amplifier and Speaker stands and Out-board crossover networks, Televisions – in fact any type of equipment used in the music, video and recording science and entertainment industries.

Hear much more from the components or loudspeakers that exists within the equipment you already own.

We will take trade-ins of your Audio Points towards the purchase of any Sistrum Platforms products. Call us now for more details. 877-668-4332 (Toll Free) or 330-260-6769

Additional Benefits:

Guitar Players take note: This Platform is amazing whether its a Fender, Crate, Vox or Marshall, you will feel the change in your finger tips and the band will hear everything no matter how big the stage and guaranteed to be a bass players dream come true.

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