SP-SA-101-3 & SA-101-4   Sistrum Apprentice™

  • SP-SA-101-3 & SA-101-4
  • SP-SA-101-3 & SA-101-4
  • SP-SA-101-3 & SA-101-4
  • SP-SA-101-3 & SA-101-4

The Sistrum Apprentice model number SP-SA-101 is a new approach to providing a Sistrum Platform listening experience to any name, type or style of equipment racking. We call this newfound racking adaptor a "Shelf Topper". It is primarily designed to reside on other name brand equipment stands between the component, turntable or speaker providing a greater level of performance to any racking set up.

The SP-SA-101 weighs in at a hefty 12.5 pounds of geometrical mechanical grounding plane and yields a truly high-end sonic performance coupled by an ease of installation on any existing wood, glass or acrylic shelf atop any racking design.

The great news is that we will take your Audio Points in trade towards the purchase of any Sistrum, Back-Stage or STAGE Platforms. In order to qualify for this feature the Audio Points must originally be purchased from Star Sound Tech.  Now you can begin to enhance your system with Audio Points and trade up to the greater performance of the Sistrum Platforms. Call us now for more details. 877-668-4332 Toll Free or 740-922-0459

SP-SA-101-3 & SA-101-4 Sistrum Apprentice™

Price: $ 379.99

Total Height: 1.562"
Outside Width: 14 Front 10 Rear"
Depth: 14"
Shelf Height: .3125" (5/16")

Parts List

  • SA-101-4 $438.99 Additional pair of Audio Points is provided with this model number establishing a four point floor bearing system if needed. Some uses for a four point bearing is taller larger loudspeaker systems, heavier chassis amplifiers and electronics, earthquake sensitive territories. We built our reputation on three point bearing systems as they remain the most popular choices of the end user. This purchase option is offered to the client who feels a four point bearing system is required for stability issues or wishes to maximize their sound quality.
  • APCD2 Coupling Discs Sold Separately
  • SP-SA-103-3 Parts List: (3) Audio Point™ .2AP-1A.5 base points, (3) Audio Point 1.0AP-1AINT shelf points, (1) Sistrum Apprentice Shelf
  • Weight Capacity – 400 Pounds+ (181 kg+)
Coupling Disc Installation Instructions >>


Amplifiers, Loudspeakers, Sub-Woofers, Components, Turntables, Electronic components resting atop any type of Racking or Wood Shelving and Out-board crossover networks, Televisions – in fact any type of equipment used in the music, video and recording science and entertainment industries.

Additional Benefits:

Hear much more sound quality from your rack, components or loudspeakers that exists within the equipment you already own.

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