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The SP-4 is the most popular Multi-Shelf platform sold over the past thirteen years. Its generous rod height allows adequate component height for an integrated amplifier, DAC, CD transport and AC power distribution.

It also provides an excellent height for placement of the Sistrum Platforms optional Extra-Large Top Shelf that bolts directly into the top of the primary support tube assemblies when the need for a larger turntable is required.  

Listener's Comments

I never would have believed that a mere rack system could help a system achieve so high a level of performance. Paired with the SP-1, it has taken me to a new level of appreciation. It doesn't matter what music I listen to or what equipment I chose to listen through. Whether jazz, classical, big band or small combo, the Sistrum Platforms improved sound in so many ways that it's hard not to regard its importance at least the equal to that of
components one plugs into A/C receptacles.

Highly recommended!

Sistrum Platform with Turntable Top Shelf


Clement Perry - Editor



SP-4 Sistrum Platforms™

Price: $ 3,199.99

Total Height: 38.5"
Outside Width: 26.75"
Depth: 22.75"
Rod Height: 36"
Shelf Height: .3125" (5/16")
Shipping Weight: 72"

Parts List

  • (3) Audio Point™ 2.0AP-1A.5 base points, (12) Audio Point 1.5AP-1AINT shelf points, (15) Audio Point ST-TB-1A.75 Turning Bolts, (4) Sistrum SP-101-4 SHELF, (3) Sistrum Support Tune Assemblies – Pre-filled with Micro-Bearing Steel™. Maximum Individual Shelf Capacity = 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • APCD-2 or APCD-3 COUPLING DISCS Sold Separately
Coupling Disc Installation Instructions >>


Adjustable Harmonic Control℠ - An audiophile advanced Feature. By experimenting and positioning the three brass bolts threaded into the Audio Points in different locations; tightening or loosening the bolts provides a change in the speed of which the energy is being transferred from the component to the shelf. This tensioning feature provides the ability to soften or sharpen sound qualities, advance or time the pace of the music into the environment establishing a variable audible influence on the harmonic structure and sonic characteristics of each individual piece of equipment residing on the Sistrum Platform.

Additional Benefits:

We will accept Star Sound products in trade towards the purchase Sistrum Platforms, Back-Stage or STAGE Platforms™. Call us for details when making your next investment and we thank you for your continuing support and business.

Infinite Adjustable Shelving - Adjust each shelf for independent component heights and overall cosmetic balance.

Sistrum Platform Shelf - 3 Bolts

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