SP-101  Sistrum Platforms™ Flagship Model

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There is a lot more sound quality built into your existing speaker system and/or electronics package than you would ever know. The Sistrum Platforms releases these undeniable musical qualities to launch forth into the listening environment. We have been making this claim for over thirteen years challenging audiophiles to a newer concept of vibration management and guaranteeing results.

The Sistrum Platforms SP-101 is the award winning Flagship Model of this family of equipment platforms in overall performance and value earning the respect of audiophiles everywhere.

Your equipment may change from time to time but the SP-101 is a keeper – of this we are sure.

Listener's Comments

The addition of the Sistrum stands unquestionably improved the performance of the HE-833's—to the point at which I would say that you should not consider the purchase of the WAVAC 833's without also acquiring a pair of the Sistrum SP-101's.

All of my commentary on the HE-833's assume placement on these isolation platforms.

There—SP-101 rave over—enough said!

David Robinson

Editor in Chief

Positive Feedback Online

SP-101 Sistrum Platforms™ Flagship Model

Price: $ 1,249.99

Total Height: 8"
Outside Width: 26.75"
Depth: 22.75"
Rod Height: 6.00"
Shelf Height: .3125" (5/16" )
Shipping Weight: 18"

Parts List

  • (3) Audio Point™ 2.0AP-1A.5 base points, (3) Audio Point 1.5AP-1AINT shelf points, (6) Audio Point ST-TB-1A.75 Turning Bolts, (1) Sistrum SP-101-4 SHELF, (3) Sistrum Support Tune Assemblies – Pre-filled with Micro-Bearing Steel™. Maximum Shelf Capacity = 300 lbs. (136 kg)
Coupling Disc Installation Instructions >>


  • APCD-2 or APCD-3 COUPLING DISCS Sold Separately


Start with the loudspeakers, sub-woofers moving next to the amplifiers on to the balance of components the SP-101 is the only platform in the World that does not require a parts or design change for all these applications further proving that age old doctrine ‘form follows function’.

Additional Benefits:

Adjustable Harmonic Control℠ - An audiophile advanced Feature. By experimenting and positioning the three brass bolts threaded into the Audio Points in different locations; tightening or loosening the bolts provides a change in the speed of which the energy is being transferred from the component to the shelf. This tensioning feature provides the ability to soften or sharpen sound qualities, advance or time the pace of the music into the environment establishing a variable audible influence on the harmonic structure and sonic characteristics of each individual piece of equipment residing on the Sistrum Platform.

Search any audio forum and read the descriptions from owners to gain a better understanding of what capabilities this magnificent invention provides.

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