BSPL-101  Back-Stage Platforms™

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  • BSPL-101
  • BSPL-101
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  • BSPL-101
  • BSPL-101
  • BSPL-101
  • BSPL-101

BACK-STAGE Platforms™ Model BSPL-101

Designed to vibrate and remain in constant motion rapidly transferring the negative effects caused from vibration known as Coulomb friction away from the equipment to ground establishing a level of component or loudspeaker efficiency resulting in a higher level of sound quality never attained from prior Star Sound products.

The large steel shelf provides a 3,4,5,6, point bearing system potential that will balance and support most any audio equipment.


ADDITIONAL MUSIC TIPS™ Purchase - Each BSPL-101 Platform arrives with three (3) Music Tips providing a three point bearing system for equipment chassis support. Listeners can purchase additional Music Tips if requiring four (4) or more should the footprint of the product necessitate additional support or stability.


Adjustable Harmonic Control℠ - for the Advanced Audiophile

By experimenting and positioning the three brass bolts threaded into the Music Tips™ in different locations (i.e. tightening or loosening the bolts) provides a change in the speed of which the energy is being transferred from the component to the shelf. This tensioning feature provides the ability to soften or sharpen sound qualities, advance or time the pace of the music into the environment establishing a variable audible influence on the harmonic structure and sonic characteristics of each individual piece of equipment residing on the Sistrum Platform.

In addition, tightening or loosening the three bolts that crimp the steel shelf to the large brass Music Tip floor support are also adjustable for tension and will react with a different level of sonic performance adding to the overall harmonic structure (or Q) of the component or loudspeaker.

In layman's vocabulary but not that of engineering language the term "variable tuning" provides the easiest understanding for this advanced feature we call Adjustable Harmonic Control.

Listener's Comments

Publisher and Founder Mr. Clement Perry from THE STEREO TIMES is currently reviewing the Back Stage BSPL-101.

Until the initial review is published we took this letter addressed to a few long time Star Sound clients written by Thomas DeVuono, who in our opinion is the most critical listener amongst all of us.

Hello Gents,

I received a single Back Stage Platform ten days ago. Fit and finish are extremely beautiful to see and engage.

The single shelf Back Stage is currently supporting my CD transport and certainly sounds different than the Sistrum but one can easily perceive that both have the same closely related DNA. The Back-Stage has more density, character and body especially when adding the coupling discs between the chassis and the shelf born Music Tips.

Be assured that the large Back-Stage shelf will fit any component. My transport drawer assembly is to the far left side. I easily placed a Music Tip directly under the transport spindle motor to collect and dissipate any additional mechanical resonant energy. I then placed one additional Music Tip under the transformer and the third underneath the chassis for balance.

The background singers and their images were more fleshed out and contained more substance when compared to the Sistrum Platform. Initially the Sistrum bested the Back-Stage as the same singers images were slightly more highlighted around the edges even though there was less information inside the outline. However, when fine tuning the shelf crimp on the Back-Stage this short-term sense of loss turned into an immediate gain and with a greater impression of realism than ever before.

The three bolts for the shelf clamps have a finer and more linear adjustment than that of the Sistrum Platform. This very audible change in sonic can easily be ‘fine tuned’ by the listener. My conclusion is that the variable adjustments within the Back-Stage design provides the owner a unique ability to alter the sound to suit their personal taste on any system regardless of room geometry or furnishings.

The Back-Stage soundstage is more wrap around and I hear phase image cues that appear directly at my listening chair. The Sistrum also provided this feature but with much less physical presence.

The Back-Stage is definitely a significant step forward in musicality when directly compared to the Sistrum 101.

Tom D

BSPL-101 Back-Stage Platforms™

Price: $ 2999.99

Total Height: 4.392"
Outside Width: 27"
Depth: 25"
Outside Brass Rod Diameter 2.25"
Shelf Height: .3125" (5/16")
Shipping Weight: 30"

Parts List

  • (3) Music Tips™ Brass Base Points - Model # st-flr-pnt, (3) Music Tips Brass Top Caps - Model # st-topcaps, (3) Music Tips Brass Shelf Points - Model # bj-st-shlf-pnt, (3) Brass Turning Bolts – Model # tb-1A.75, (1) Back-Stage Steel Shelf
  • APCD4 Coupling Discs Sold Separately
  • ADDITIONAL MUSIC TIPS™ Purchase - Each BSPL-101 Platform arrives with three (3) Music Tips providing a three point bearing system for equipment chassis support. Listeners can purchase additional Music Tips if requiring four (4) or more should the footprint of the product necessitate additional support or stability.
Coupling Disc Installation Instructions >>


  • APCD-3 COUPLING DISC - This large solid brass coupling disc attracts more energy from the equipment chassis increasing the performance of the component or loudspeaker. It provides an ample level of surface protection while increasing stability. The APCD-3 installs with ease in seconds.
  • APCD-3-FLR Coupling Disc for CARPETED FLOORS – Primarily used for carpeted surfaces, this coupling disc arrives with three small Audio Point tips located on the flooring side of the device. These added brass tips are designed to penetrate the carpet allowing just the tip of the Point to establish a greater level of congruent grounding pathways versus that of just having the Music Tip touching carpeted surfaces.


Loudspeaker, Amplifier or Component geometrical support device featuring the new Audio Point - Music Tips™.

This platform fits the smallest to largest of equipment chassis with over one-half-ton of handling capacity.

Additional Benefits:

BACK-STAGE Platforms devaluates the performance capabilities of the decade old Sistrum Platforms in overall expansion of audible frequency range, more rapid attack with greater extended decay times and a heightened sonic measure that over-achieved the performance goals set by the Star Sound engineering group.

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