Back-Stage Platforms™

State-of-the-Art Vibration Management

BACK-STAGE Platforms™ by Star Sound Technologies, LLC

The design and engineering teams at Star Sound Technologies, LLC through the advancement of Live-Vibe Technology™ - 'The Science of Resonance Energy Transfer' are proud to present an eight year investment in research and product development now designated BACK-STAGE Platforms™.

The people at Star Sound Technologies, LLC obtained their audio experience in the Professional Music and Musical Instrument Industries. Our knowledge of the recording and concert reinforcement technologies, along with musical instrument design, plays heavily in our understanding of vibration management and is evidenced in the development of our products.

The word "Stage", when related to the music profession, is the highest and most respected territory in the world. The sensation one encounters by simply standing on one is extraordinary; when you first are able to see deep into the eyes of an audience, being there is a unique, emotional and quite memorable experience.

Back-Stage is a place where the many facets of the live performance join together. It is an area where all the problem solving, labors, repairs and soulful comradery take place. There is always a euphoric atmosphere present in this space as it is the most likely place to meet up with all the performers and musicians involved in the show production.

Hence, the names of our two newest vibration management products were born from our participation hailing from the live musical experience.

Technical Merits:

BACK-STAGE Platforms functional foot print establishes more effective and congruent pathways for resonance to flow and as a result, migrate resonance to earth's ground (or the greater sink – that being the flooring structure) at a much higher rate of speed than could be achieved with the previous Sistrum Platforms. In other words, dramatically increase the response time and increased bandwidth of the platform and its ability to precisely return to its neural acoustic state.

The solid brass footer and rod support system guarantees that resonance flows with a more focused direction, vastly reducing the effects from Coulomb friction which affect the operational efficiencies of the equipment residing atop the cold rolled plate steel shelf.  BACK-STAGE Platforms employ the identical geometrical configuration of the parent all brass STAGE Platforms shelf design; you can support your equipment on standard three point bearing system or a reversed three point, four point and even a five or six point "totally adjustable" bearing system.

The artistic shelf design will support and stabilize all the various electronic components and acoustic floor-standing loudspeaker systems from the smallest to the largest equipment foot prints in the market place.BACK-STAGE Platforms vibrate when music and vibration are presented in the environment. They remain in constant motion transferring resonance thus permitting your component or speaker to also vibrate, as they all do, harmonizing with their own individual levels of chassis construction - thus optimizing the operating efficiency of said component or speaker hence insuring the audible effects of acoustic transparency are heightened.

It does not matter where the vibration and energy originates from – the floor, the air, mechanical or electromechanical means – the fact is that the Platform is in a state of continuous motion and always reducing the effects caused from Coulomb friction.

BACK-STAGE Platforms devaluates the performance capabilities of the decade old Sistrum Platforms in overall expansion of audible frequency range, more rapid attack with greater extended decay times and a heightened sonic measure that over-achieved the performance and financial manufacturing goals set by Company.BACK-STAGE Platforms were designed as a more affordable version of the parented all brass STAGE Platforms. This product provides listeners the ability to experience the value in performance, extremely audible sonic characteristics and functionality similar to that of the parent STAGE Platforms design.

Adjustable Harmonic Control™ Feature for the Advanced Audiophile:

Adjustable Harmonic Control™ is an 'optional' feature.

The listener can alter or 'fine tune' the sonic signature of any component simply by adding or reducing the number of Music Tips contacting the equipments chassis. By changing the quantity and/or location of the shelf born Music Tips you will alter the speeds and directionality of energy flows of movement thus altering the voicing of the component.

In addition by slightly tightening or loosening the Turning Bolts that the Music Tips to the shelf will also affect the speed of resonance transfer altering the amount of bass response and/or speed of the presentation depending on what component you are adjusting.

These are finite changes in the sound so for the critical listener who desires a higher measure of sound quality through the devotion to experimentation, Adjustable Harmonic Control provides the keen ability to soften or firm up sound qualities, advance the pace of the music into the environment and provide a variable adjustment of the harmonic voice from each individual piece of equipment.

BENEFITS and Conclusion:

Once your system is 'BACK-STAGE', you will experience a much greater realism of the vibrant yet extremely fragile live dynamic structures, layers of heavenly harmonic dimensions that are imbedded within each recording and hear a few added instruments or sounds that you may never realized were imbedded within the recording.

Listeners have long stated that Live-Vibe Technology has completely changed the way they were accustomed to listening to music. As the recording or playback system transcends into a new dimension of sound you will immediately become much more involved in the music and performance forgetting to a large extent your focus on the equipment.

Star Sound Technologies 100% Total and Complete Satisfaction from Listening Guarantee© supports this products value, functionality and fully expected long time history of listener appreciation or Your Money Back.

But with all this technical achievement in enhancing recorded music playback the one significant miracle that we owe our livelihoods to and no matter what brand of equipment you own - "It's really all about the music!"

As Always – Good Listening !

Total Height: 4.392"
Outside Width: 27"
Depth: 25"
Shelf Height: .3125"
Shipping Weight 30 lbs.


Back-Stage Platforms™

Price: $ 2999.99


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