• " There was this wonderful connectedness to the performers" - Mike Wright, StereoTimes
  • "Spectacular - Goosebumps Up and Down!" - Peter Breuninger, AV Showrooms
  • "Star Sound Rhythm rack is phenomenal!" - Norm Luttbeg, StereoTimes.com
  • "I visited an ‘Energy Room’ and was indeed quite impressed with the purity of sound transmission
    " - Rob Tavaglione, ProAudio Review
  • "Out of This World!" - Norm Luttbeg, Stereo Times
  • "I was Completely Astonished" - Terry London, Home Theater Review
  • "Engineering Expertise to Widen the Grin on Your Face" - Paul Cucchissi, Journalist
  • "I was Stunned" - James L. Darby, Stereo Mojo
  • "They Keep Their Promises – the Sound is Gorgeous" - Max Westler, Enjoy the Music
  • "Taken Me to a New Level" - Clement Perry, Stereo Times
  • "My Jaw Dropped" - Jack Roberts, Dagogo

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